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Supermember is a family of artists united by creative work and a love of what they do.

The Supercircus Radio network supports you in all phases up to the publication. As a future member, that's more than possible!


We live and breathe music from all genres of pop culture and our collective creativity is what keeps us alive! As an active member of this community, you'll enjoy everything that comes with it: 

Membership benefits such asplacement of your songs"on air", presentation in the area"Featured Artist", login for"GO LIVE", access to exclusive content not available anywhere else; Opportunities presented by collaborating with other Super Members in front of or behind the scenes at events like theRadioDaysresult.


Because the exchange with like-minded people is not only fun, but often expands your own network.

And finally, but certainly not unimportant - Supercircus is a platform that feels more like home at the moment than any other place could.

Be there!

For all radio lovers, the Supercircus radio shows are a really refreshing change. Each week there are new and exciting shows to keep you entertained with both music and behind-the-scenes stories from the artists themselves!

You will never know in detail what to expect if you tune in here. Because there is something for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're looking for information and backstage stories about your favorite artist while listening to the best songs in the world, or just want to be part of one of the call-in talks - this station offers everything that an exciting radio show needs.

Supercircusradio is a new and revolutionary music network that allows YOU to broadcast live audio from anywhere with the push of a button.

All you have to do is go live on the air on supercircusradio!


You don't even need a stationary internet connection for this - we stream you directly via the 4G LTE network, wherever there is cell service. The only thing left for this plan is creativity; because Super Circus Radio is about what makes you unique.

YOUR MUSIC presented live in the program.


Whether from the big stage, from the club, the rehearsal room or your studio atmosphere:

You are live "ON AIR".

Are you ready to rock?

We make sure that you have the equipment you need for your musician & producer life - on stage, in the rehearsal room or in the studio atmosphere. With us you will find classics as well as recommendations from industry experts who know what really works!


When it comes to instruments and equipment, it's worth taking a look at the "SuperGear" section or listening to the podcasts in a relaxed manner during a broadcast.


When presenting the popular products, we rely on meaningful sound samples and podcast-style presentations so that you can turn the inspiration into reality. Product specialists and users rate the products and award the coveted Supercircus Radio stars.

Now there's no excuse not to get started. Play it!" 

You are excellent! 

We honor established and up-and-coming members with the Supercircus Radio Award in various categories.


These coveted awards are a recognition of all the hard work, sweat or even tears to make music people love to listen to.

Congratulations, you are great!

The RadioDays events embody the best of what it means to be a musician and producer. Live performances, interviews and panel discussions create an atmosphere that fuels your creativity and at the same time brings the community together.


In addition, the creators and minds of the exciting brands, including the latest products and technologies available today, present themselves at the events on site.


The RadioDays are a must for every musician and producer. Meet some of today's most promising artists and meet those who made history.

With the new, contemporary event format in a really cool location, we jump into the future. Are you in?


Professional microphone at an entry-level price

The Rode NT1-A is the low-budget legend of recent years. The silver large-diaphragm microphone has become indispensable in (home) studios and other recording setups worldwide.

This microphone is an investment in the future for anyone serious about recording music. Ideal for vocals, acoustic instruments, guitar amps and field recording.


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