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You want to hear your SUPERSONG on the radio?

Then vote here - and we play it!

Of the 5 songs presented, the first and second place winners are in the coveted SUPERSONG playlist  and thus runs automatically in the Supercircus Power Rotation! cool right?

to all newcomers: mobilize your fan base and vote for your song! We play him. Good luck!

Write us which song you would like to have in the selection. We're looking forward to it!


Juke Box Hero

Jukeboxes, or rather the jukebox, have been an important part of pop culture.

Bands like Foreigner and The Kinks praised this marvel in their songs for being available with a small but very fine selection of hot songs to listen to. 

With the modern jukebox "the next generation" we are picking up the original idea from the 50s.   We are one of the few small but diverse pop culture "shops" that offer a personal experience with your song choices.

Supercircus has revived this almost forgotten tradition.

Up-and-coming artists and bands present themselves in the jukebox, with the possibility of offering their songs a large, broad platform with download options.





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