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  • Even if your songs are great, the stages you play them on aren't always great. Little space, modest sound, there are many hurdles that make everyday life on stage difficult for an artist.


    We developed the FLAT monitor series for exactly this scenario: FLAT-M200 and FLAT-M100 are smaller than some shoe boxes, but still offer you full and transparent monitor sound for stage, rehearsal room and everywhere where you can hear yourself clearly and must hear clearly.

    FLAT M200

    • Active stage monitor

      • handy, compact and flat full-range system
      • Equipment: 4 x 4" broadband speakers with neodymium magnets
      • Class D amplifier system
      • Signal and limiter display
      • Max. sound pressure: 122 dB
      • Volume and tone control
      • Balanced XLR/1/4" combo line or mic input
      • XLR link output
      • Multiplex wooden housing with protective metal grille
      • 2x M10 and 2x M6 threaded inserts for tripod adapters or mounting brackets
      • Includes clamp for mounting on a microphone stand, for example
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