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Supercircus Radio is also at MAGENTA TV, just like and available.


The place for musicians & the MI industry.

Your added value:

Unfiltered information from the community's social media channels in an overview.


In the supercircusSocialFeedyou will find the latest posts from the relevant social media channels of the Supercircus community.


These are the highlights, activities, reports and offers from musicians, producers, bands, magazines, manufacturers and retailers of brands and equipment. 

Supermember is a family of artists united by creative work and a love of what they do.


We live and breathe music from all genres of pop culture and our collective creativity is what keeps us alive!


As active member in this community you enjoy everything that comes with it: 

Membership benefits such as placement of your songs on air, presentation in the area Featured Artist, login for GO LIVE.

Opportunities presented by working with other Super Members in front of or behind the scenes at events like the RadioDays result.


Because the exchange with like-minded people is not only fun, but often expands your own network.

And finally, but certainly not unimportant –

Supercircus is the platform that feels more like home at the moment than any other place could.


Be there!

We make sure that you have the equipment you need for your musician

& producer life need - on stage, in the rehearsal room or in the studio atmosphere. With us you will find classics as well as recommendations from industry experts who know what really works!


When presenting the popular products, we rely on meaningful sound samples and podcast-style presentations so that you can turn the inspiration into reality. Product specialists and users rate the products and award the coveted SCR stars.

Now there´s no excuse not to get started. Play it!

With the modern jukebox "the next generation" we are picking up the original idea from the 50s.


We're one of the few small but diverse pop culture "shops" that offer a personal experience with your song choices.

Supercircus has revived this almost forgotten tradition. Up-and-coming artists and bands present themselves in the jukebox with direct links to Amazon and Spotify.


You don´t want to zap your way through umpteen different channels and social media platforms? Does it annoy you when you have an ad from a life insurance company in your timeline on Instagram for the eighth time?

That´s why you get the full package here. Posts, news, links, videos, everything that might interest you as a musician. So you won´t miss any more special offers and you´ll be up-to-date. 

After all, you decide what you want to see and read and not the Google or Facebook algorithm.

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