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Supercircus Radio Guidelines - The SCR Codex


Status 02/01/2022


The regulations in the SCR Code serve to guarantee and safeguard the quality of Supercircus Radio's broadcast program. They contain standards regarding all user content and thus make corresponding agreements between the users of the services related to the radio station and Supercircus Radio. The guidelines are primarily aimed at ensuring that copyright and legal provisions are observed and that intellectual property and further personal rights are protected.

We, Supercircus Radio, would like to make it clear that we, too, feel committed to the parts of the SCR code that affect us. The SCR Codex serves as a basis for respectful and trusting cooperation and ensures the quality and continuity of all services related to Supercircus Radio.


The SCR Codex and the Terms of Use together state the guidelines, subject to which and with the consent of which you can access the , and all sub-sites, apps and included domains and sub-domains (“Site”) and use our Services (as defined in the Terms of Service). The SCR code applies to all users of the services, visitors to our website and listeners to our radio programme.  


The guidelines of the SCR Codex are based on the laws applicable in Germany. The jurisdiction lies exclusively with the German courts.  


1. Contact person  and the radio station "Supercircus Radio" operated and accessible under this URL is operated by Beringer GmbH, Augustusplatz 1-4, 04109 Leipzig, Germany, District Court of Leipzig HRB 39016, VAT ID: DE342528051 (hereinafter also "Supercircus Radio ', 'we', 'us' and corresponding inflections). 

You can reach us at support(at) and contact(at)


2. Scope/area of application

The SCR Codex applies when you upload user content to our website, use our services, including but not limited to the “live app”, link to our website or interact with the website, radio station or any member of the SCR community or Listeners of the broadcast program interact.


3. Changes to the SCR Code

We reserve the right to change and adapt the SCR code at any time. The SCR code is to be understood as legally binding for you. We therefore assume that you will inspect it regularly.  


4. Guidelines for using our website and our services

You agree that you will only use our website and services for lawful purposes. Use of our website and services is prohibited for the following:


  • Any violation of applicable laws and regulations (local, national and international).

  • Any illegal and/or fraudulent activity.

  • Any attempt to harm, bully, humiliate, insult or threaten any person, particularly any form of harm to minors. 

  • Any deployment, use, or transfer of Materials that does not comply with our Content Guidelines and our User Agreement. 

  • Knowingly or negligently transmitting any material containing harmful programs or computer code.

  • The unauthorized transfer of promotional materials.

  • The storage or recording, duplication, provision or sale of parts of our website or our services, in particular our broadcast program, and the software used and used for it. 

  • Accessing, interfering with or damaging any element of the Website, the Services and the Transmitter.


5. Interactions

As part of our services, our transmitter and our website, we offer various options (modules/functions) for interaction. These can be moderated (by humans or the use of technology) or unmoderated. We are under no obligation to monitor, oversee, or moderate these interactions. We will endeavor to minimize any risks arising from use or from the provision. 

We expressly exclude our liability for any loss or damage arising from any breach of the SCR Code or our Terms of Use by visitors to our website, listeners to our radio station or users of our services.


6. Content and User Content Policies

Any material you submit or contribute (“Content and User Content”), in whole or in part, to “Supercircus Radio” (Website, Services, Stations, Programs, Apps, Interactions) will be governed by these Guidelines.  


All content must be accurate (facts) and truthful (comments/statements) and comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country in which it originates.


User Content (as defined in the Terms of Service) may:


  • contain no material that is obscene, inflammatory, hateful, sexist or offensive.

  • will not in any way promote sexual material, child abuse or violence.

  • not discriminate or help harm anyone based on race, gender, religion, ancestry or nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

  • will not infringe any copyright, trademark or other proprietary right of any person (natural or legal).

  • not support or promote any illegal activity or unlawful activity.

  • disregard no courts.

  • not violate contractual agreements with third parties.

  • not intended to deceive any person. In particular, deception about one's own identity or affiliation with another person is excluded.

  • not threaten or invade the privacy of any person.

  • will not contain any advertising, service or link not approved by us.  


7. Violation and Consequences

Determining a violation of the SCR Codex guidelines and the Terms of Use is at our discretion. If a breach is identified, we will take the action(s) we deem appropriate:

  • We may suspend or terminate some or all of your right to use our Services or Website.

  • Content and/or User Content may be removed and deleted temporarily or permanently.

  • We can warn you or take legal action against you.

  • We may report you to law enforcement.


Further measures are not excluded. We exclude liability for measures that have been implied by a breach of the SCR Code.


Subject to change.

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