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Welcome to the world of social media.

You dont want to zap your way through umpteen different channels and social media platforms? Does it annoy you when you have an ad from a life insurance company in your timeline on Instagram for the eighth time?

And then you realize that although you follow your favorite brand or retailer, the really important information and news are not displayed.


 Well, the reasoning is quite simple: algorithm.

That´s why you get the full package here. Posts, news, links, videos, everything that might interest you as a musician. So you won´t miss any more special offers and you´ll be up-to-date. 

After all, you decide what you want to see and read and not the Google or Facebook algorithm.

And if you want to tell your band mates or friends: It´s very simple:

The share-button is in the top right corner of every post. Warm welcome!

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