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Esther Beringer

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The enterprise

Founder & CEO

Esther Beringer is a business graduate, founder and director of her own marketing company.


Previously, she managed the online department of a large European distributor.


In her very first year, she was honored by Minister of State Petra Köpping with a nomination for the Saxon Female Founder Award.


She has many passions: she loves music, is good with people and knows how to manage them successfully - but her true passion is marketing!


Esther founded Beringer Marketing in 2016, where she now handles everything from product launches to social media and campaign management.

The company specializes in the development and implementation of holistic brand and marketing concepts.


Our many years of experience in the musical instrument (MI) industry have given us a comprehensive understanding as well as an international network that enables us to implement successful projects - all while maintaining our unique creativity and cordiality.


"Branding" is about passion: yours - ours! It's what sets you apart; it defines who you are and what you really want people to feel when they interact with your work."

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sweatbloodtears team | fFrankfurt | 2018

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Our home base

At our location in Leipzig "Downtown" we move in the city's hodgepodge of tradition and scene.


Our head office is located in the newly renovated, time-honored post office in Leipzig. 

Together with innovative companies and minds, we not only share the premises, but also

but also use the possibilities of cooperation and expansion.


In addition, the flexible space concept provides us with extensive design options.


We live Office 2.0, which means that no one in our team is tied to a fixed location.

Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich or Hamburg is just a mouse click away. For us, the change was an opportunity to question structures and align our company with the future.



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