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Inspiration becomes reality!


It's time... to get serious about your musical future. Get the gear you need for one of these three environments: on stage, in the rehearsal room or in a studio atmosphere, with classics as well as recommended articles from industry experts who know what really works!


When you're just starting out, it's often difficult to decide where and how best to invest your money. But when it comes to instruments with such different timbres as a guitar, trumpet or piano, all musicians have one thing in common: their sound!

We make sure that both beginners who are looking for new equipment but don't yet know what works well, and pros who need something specific, such as audio interfaces, microphones, cables, stands and headphones, look to theirs costs come.


When presenting the popular products, we rely on meaningful sound samples and podcast-style presentations so that you can turn the inspiration into reality. Product specialists and users rate the products and award the coveted Supercircus stars.

Now there's no excuse not to get started. Play it!" 



Whether for practicing at home or for performing on stage - with our diverse selection of equipment we have what every musician and / or DJ needs. It has never been so easy as an artist to bring your compositions to life ... or to listen to them in peace after work.

Guitars | Bass & Amps


Whether you belong to the low-frequency group or the classic discipleship, there are some cool things for your guitar here. Everything here revolves around instruments and accessories with which you can play the cool riffs!

Guitars | Bass & Amps

Mann spielt Gitarre

Brass & Wind 

Nina Sivosova.jpg

Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown and dozens of others shaped the new image for wind instruments.

When you think of "dusty" wind instruments in a museum or an old concert hall - just wait for the hip bands & artists  Take off on stage at one of the legendary festivals as if there was no tomorrow!

Brass & Wind 


Pianos & Synthesizers


There are so many different types of pianos, but they all have one thing in common: the black and white world.

From concert grand pianos to digital synthesizers and workstations as well as the great world of analog, fans call them “the real” synths - the possibilities are almost unlimited!

Pianos & Synthesizers


Drums & Percussion

Drumset Motörhead im Drumcamp 2016.jpg

In addition to this wide range - from simple snares to tailor-made kits and a lot in between - there are also tips and tricks for musicians like you who want their set to sound as good as possible without having years of experience with them!

Drums & Percussion

Karl Brazil.jpg


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