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The SupercircusMEDIA TRILOGYconsisting of a web portal, radio station and social media will generate a in 2023

Range of over a million contacts.

The independent, but thematically related channels form an inner unit and thus enable an unbelievably broad and deep communication with a large reach.


We reach the musicians on the modern devices that everyone has and which are in daily use:


Our communication claim:

Always up to date. Always new. Always different and never boring!

In Supercircus, linked communication meets the emotional content of the protagonists, which is a pleasure to read, hear and share.



Supercircus Radio Sendegebiet EU.png


Supercircus is characterized by three outstanding strengths:

integration | Consistency | Personalization.



The platform architecture is for the communication of all concerns, be it, to be concrete, that of a song, a "message", an announcement or the launch of a brand or a product - of strategic importance in national and international perception. Within this structure, that's why we see Supercircus asMEDIATRILOGY, there is only TOGETHERNESS and no separation. Our CONTENT-SPREAD-STRATEGY is goal-oriented, holistic and forward-looking.

Broadcast area supercircusradio

Supercircus Radio is a radio station in Leipzig, Germany, tested and certified by the Saxon State Media Authority. The broadcast center has been operational since early 2022, broadcasting from its location in the heart of German culture - a city rich in tradition but always waiting for what's to come!


This makes Leipzig an ideal location for the federal territory and a European destination that Super Circus Radio covers!

The radio is the most important daily companion of the Germans. In 2019, 75% of them tuned into a channel every day. Within four weeks, the quota of those who listen to audio on weekdays is even93%. This means that radio reaches the vast majority of Germans.


To get the most out of life, listen to Supercircus Radio. This radio station in Leipzig offers an alternative for those looking for something different from the mainstream music and news broadcast by commercial stations across Europe, while satisfying the needs of their advertisers without sacrificing listenership or content quality To take care of.


We are proud of what we do and we do it with conviction.

According to the results of the Online Audio Monitor 2020, online audio offers reach71 percent of the populationin Germany from 14 years.


That corresponds to 50 million people who now listen to web radio and audio-on-demand offers over the Internet in this country.

Overall, according to the results of the ma 2020 IP Audio IV in the third quarter of 2020396 millionAudio sessions measured on the Internet (2019:320 million.) This results in an increase in listeners of over 23 percent compared to the previous year.


Supercircus is thus also active with its own radio station in a rapidly growing information channel.

Range | Germany

Supercircus is at home in the important channels.

For us, linked communication means that the relevant information from the portal and the radio is processed and transferred for the individual channels.


This process takes place at SupercircusBI-DIRECTIONALand inREAL TIME!

This makes Supercircus the only platform that multidirectionally transfers content intoSOCIALFEEDS changes and makes it visible on a holistic portal. The significant difference is that ALL SOCIALFEEDS are visible, regardless of relevance or meta-algorithm. 

For us, naked "LIKES" and "I LIKE" are not a stable currency. When it comes to reach, what counts for us is the fact and the interactions achieved with it.

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